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For Families & Individuals

Life changes by the minute. Although people usually adjust well to these changes, they sometimes feel stuck or frustrated and need help.

Squirrel Hill Psychological Services is home to a unique and highly qualified team of therapists, with years of training and experience in numerous specialties. We offer compassionate, individualized care with particular attention to your personal needs, values, traditions and expectations.

We are are fully compliant with current HIPAA Regulations. You will receive information on these regulations at your first office visit. Click here to view our privacy policy now.

Individual Therapy

If you're challenged by a recent stressor in your life or grappling with an ongoing conflict you've been unable to resolve alone, our experienced therapists can help. In addition, for older adults who may have trouble coming into our office, home-based service is sometimes available from clinicians who specialize in geriatrics.

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Relationship Therapy

Squirrel Hill Psychological Services' therapists can work with you to help you resolve ongoing problems and develop a greater level of intimacy and understanding.

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Child/Adolescent Therapy

At Squirrel Hill Psychological Services, we understand the unique needs of our young clients, and therapists specializing in working with children and adolescents can help your child or adolescent overcome behavioral and/or emotional difficulties.

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Family Therapy

At times family therapy may be a helpful addition to individual therapy. At other times, family therapy alone may be the best way to work through your family's challenges. Squirrel Hill Psychological Services' therapists will help your family resolve conflict, communicate more effectively and find strength and support in one another.

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Support Groups

If you're facing a stressful life issue, you may feel less alone when talking with people who are facing similar challenges. A support group may be helpful if you're caring for a child with special needs or elderly spouse or parent, grappling with the unique issues of raising a child adopted internationally or struggling with a chronic medical condition.

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Therapeutic Programs (age 6-18)

If you have a child between the ages of 6-18 who struggles with social relationships, impulsive behavior, or emotional wellbeing, our Quest Therapeutic Camp and After School program can help to dramatically improve his/her behavioral, emotional and social functioning.

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Domestic Abuse Counseling

If you, or someone you know, are subject to assaultive or coercive behavior by an intimate partner or family member, we offer a safe, confidential environment for you to come forward and seek help. If you are worried about payment, rest assured that it doesn't have to get in the way of your seeking help: we can provide several therapy sessions and resource coordination at no cost to you. Please note that we are not an emergency service but can connect you with such a service if necessary.

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Everything you wanted to know about your child's mental health
This e-booklet intends to help parents who believe their child is showing signs or symptoms of mental or emotional health issues and directs them where to access resources and supports.
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Quest Therapeutic Programs
Squirrel Hill Psychological Services, in collaboration with Quest Therapeutic Camps, is offering a summer day camp program and an ongoing after school program for children with mild to moderate emotional challenges. Quest Camp 2017 is looking for interns and trained staff.
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Mom's Coffee Club
Are you a mom who has adopted internationally? Check out our monthly group (it meets the last Friday of every month).
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