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Meet Wendy Levin-Shaw

Wendy Levin-Shaw

For more than 20 years, Squirrel Hill Psychological Services therapist Wendy Levin-Shaw has been working with adults, couples and families to help them overcome obstacles in their lives. 

As a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with extensive training, Wendy provides education and support to groups on parenting, bereavement, interfaith couples and adoption, as well as individuals, couples and families psychotherapy. Wendy can offer help with a range of topics, including communication, family relationships and managing the challenges of our daily lives.

“There are many strategies that can help one get over seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As a therapist I have tried to learn about various strategies so I can offer them to my clients, based on what their challenges are and what fits for them,” Wendy says. “The strategies can range from changing daily habits, to cognitive strategies, to relationship change.”

In therapy, Wendy uses her extensive training in Family Systems Theory, which recognizes that individuals are significantly influenced by the intricate relationships in their lives.

 “A crucial element in therapy,” says Wendy, “is creating a relationship with a client. I love to hear my clients’ stories, and it’s an excellent tool for helping them uncover what’s getting in the way.  You can think of it like a puzzle, and I enjoy helping them figure it out.”

As an adjunct faculty member at the Western Pennsylvania Family Center, she authored and presented "The History of Parent Education from 1850 to 1952." She also co-authored training materials entitled "Enhancing Self-Esteem in Parents." Wendy is a member of the National Association of Social Workers. She holds a master's of social work from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

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